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Thursday, 05 January 2012 18:14

Saturday February 11th, 11:00am to 6:00pm
"Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits, 1st Annual Two Spirit Pow-Wow"
1800 Market Street, San Francisco /
San Francisco LGBT Community Center-4th Floor

Head MC'S: Earl Neconie-Kiowa and L.Frank Manriquez-Tongva-Acjachemen.
Arena Director: Erik Kimple-Kiowa
Head Man: Ben Wolf-Kiowa
Head Woman: Jaqueline Lomeli-Luiseno
Host Drums:TBA

*Contest pow-wow *All Dancers Welcome *Arts & Craft, Food Vendors*Raffels *Alcohol and Substance free event *Interested vendors contact Ruth at peacewarrior@earthlink.net.

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MAKE SURE YOUR BROWSER CAN DISPLAY PDF Jimbo was at the UN meeting on Treaties. There is also a section referring to the California history and lack of treaties..


La Onda Bajita - January 24, 2014 at 8:00pm Info on Leonard Peltier


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Report on the twelfth session (20-31 May 2013)
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AIM-WEST will have a local meeting in SF on Tuesday Jan. 21. It will be held at our office 1805 18th Street, near Folsom, from 6:30 to 8 pm.

(415) 577-1492



AIM-WEST Tribute to Charlie Hill


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Alcatraz Sunrise Ceremony November 28, 2013

UN stresses importance of honouring treaties between States and indigenous groups


Indian Foster Care Summit & Tribal Demands for Greater Sovereignty, South Dakota Governor Shows Support for Tribally-Run Programs


A New Mexican who kidnapped a mentally disabled Navajo man and branded a swastika into his arm cannot duck the Hate Crimes Act, the 10th Circuit ruled.


Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA): California Courts, The Judicial Branch of California, California Tribal Communities


Name of Washington Football Team Memorializes Genocide


The opening half hour program of the show "La Onda Bajita" include the AIM-WEST program "Across Indian Land" with host Tony Gonzales.. The radio program is a follow up from two weeks ago on the occasion of the AIM and Wounded Knee 40 year Reunion/Anniversary in Oglala, South Dakota. Special guests interviewed includes Wounded Knee 73' veterans Ms. Jessie Riddle, Madonna Thunder Hawk, and Mr. Clyde Bellecourt. The radio program opens with a special recognition and tribute from Indigenous peoples to the passing of Comandante Hugo Chavez, and in solidarity with the revolutionary peoples of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


S. Dakota's Pine Ridge tribe is at 'breaking point' over alcohol


Jose Cuellar aka Dr. Loco in great form throws the first pitch



Arizona Western College Baseball Alumni Reunion, Jan. 22, 2011

Here is AIM-WEST advisor Mr. Len Foster, in photo with Sergio Romo, and Jack Watson, they are all good friends!! GO GIANTS!!

If you want a larger image Large picture


NYTIMES: SENATE Votes To Expand Domestic Violence Act


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Canada and failure of government to see First Nations and it's peoples as sovereign entities


Alcatraz Island Warrior Lenny Foster Has Been Back Every Year Since 1969 Native News Network (NNN)


Govinda will broadcast the Sixth Annual AIM West Coast Inter-Tribal Conference November 19-23, 2012 globally thru the WWW on http://earthcycles.net




What is the legacy of Russell Means and the American Indian Movement?


U.S. District Attorney Benjamin Wagner: Rescind the Ceremony Citations Against Winnemem Chief Sisk-Winnemem Wintu


James Anaya meets Salvadorian Indians


Native Family Allegedly Attacked by White Supremacists in Shasta Lake


Country's 1st City to Pass Alcopop-Free Zone Resolution - An Alcohol Justice Watchdog Video Great Work by the YOUTH!!



General Assembly Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, James Anaya The situation of indigenous peoples in the United States of America Better display coming soon


News Flash!!  Pleased to share that our partners in Richmond scored a HUGE VICTORY today.  At issue was how to spend $19 million in realignment dollars to county.  On one side was the Sheriff who wanted $3 million of those funds to expand jail capacity** and the other side was the community, with leadership from formerly incarcerated people themselves, saying those funds need to go toward critical re-entry services and supports.  After a long and sustained campaign, the Sheriff backed off of his plans.  I’m confident that our investments in building the leadership, partnerships and power evident in the campaign made a critical difference today.

Couldn’t say it better:

At the close of the meeting State Senator Loni Hancock emphatically stated, "This has been an extraordinary meeting, and I hope everyone realizes what a tribute to democracy this whole process has been. I am in awe of you guys, I'm in awe of this community and the testimony you've given.  And the fact that it is really coming together with such promise for developing a whole new system.  The whole promise of AB109 is not to replicate the failed system of the state level, but to build a new system that will break the cycle of crime and poverty and violence and put people on another track.  Everybody talks about it almost nobody has done it successfully, and it sounds to me like Contra Costa is on the road to doing it successfully. You will make history if you do that, you will be a model for other places that are struggling with these tough issues. Just thank you, every single one of you for what you've done here."


Another warrior passing on…Gus Gutierrez, who struggled tirelessly for the rights of Indigenous peoples. He will be remembered for his positive outlook on life and the good natured person that he was.

Gustavo, PRESENTE!!


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